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Visiting the dentist is necessary, but can be extremely inconvenient. From the commute, to the waiting room, to the unexpected procedures. Dentacōr exists to resolve these inconveniences.

Now, you can simply make an appointment and we will come to you. Using state of the art technology, we are able to perform comfortable, secure, and affordable check ups in the warmth of your living room


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Dr. Dax, Pam, and Nate came together in early 2021 to find a way to increase access to quality dental care across the whole country. Dr. Dax’s vast experience in the dental industry coupled with Pam and Nate’s experience in creating and building innovative business models was a perfect match to bring dentacōr to life. The whole team is very passionate about the impact dentacōr can make throughout the country by bringing a more modern and convenient model to a century-old industry.


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