Patrick Roy Treatment Plan

Dentist Form

TX Plan Bulletpoint Checklist:

  1. Curve Recommended Treatments
  2. Oral Eval Form
    1. Click "Begin Tx Plan" on bottom Right of Page
  3. Slack Audio

Click here to watch instructional video:

Oral Eval Instructions:

After you have completed patient's recommended treatments on Curve, please fill out the following oral evaluation. Just click next start their evaluation.

Once oral exam is complete, just record the patient's audio on their Slack channel and push send.

The following is a Dr. Dax example of a patient's audio:

When you have completed the patient's treatment plan, click "Submit" at the end of the form.

For your reference, the patient's Slack link & Curve link are list on their oral evaluation form.

CARE Contact:

If you have any questions:

  • Slack the CARE Team: 
  • Call or Text 1-801-701-DENT