In order to bring the dentist office to the comfort of your home, we use the state of the art BLX-5 portable x-ray machine. It’s a small handheld device that takes high quality periapical and bitewing x-rays of your gums and teeth. Specifically, periapical x-rays take a snapshot from the crown to the root, where your tooth attaches to the jaw. This is important in accurate diagnosis as periapical x-rays detect any unusual changes to the root and surrounding bone. Bitewing x-rays are coupled to provide the dentist with an image of the top and bottom teeth together.


Safety for you and your dental hygienist is our top priority. That is why high quality protective lead vests will be worn at all times during the x-rays by both the patient and the dental hygienist. 

Oral Camera

Pictures and videos are taken by an HD intraoral camera which captures high quality footage of the whole mouth to ensure our dentist is able to make an accurate diagnosis. A disposable plastic covering is used per individual checkup to ensure cleanliness and safety. All of these pictures and x-rays are instantly downloaded onto a tablet at your home on a secure platform. This is immediately sent to our dentist and all necessary parties. This footage, with the x-rays, are also sent to the dentist of your choice if there is follow up work recommended so that no additional x-rays are needed to be taken.


Our cleanings are performed with a cordless prophylactic hand piece with replaceable tips to perform coronal polishing . This allows for a safe but effective thorough clean on your teeth.

Our handheld prophy cleaner with special cleansing paste gives a dentist office clean in just a few minutes. The prophy device polishes the teeth and removes tartar and plaque to keep your teeth and gum strong and healthy. With the permission of the patient we then apply a flouride treatment to your teeth to help fight any tooth decay.

“Fluoride or No?” Find out what Dr. Dax recommends  

Care Kit

We love to show appreciation to all of our valued clients! Every patient receives a complimentary Dentacōr kit, complete with all you need to maintain optimal oral health. Our goal is to keep the whole family smiling together!


All x-rays, pictures, and videos are sent automatically and securely to our own licensed Dentacōr dentists to examine and make any necessary diagnosis. These dentists do not participate in or receive any compensation from any additional work that is suggested, so you can be assured that all diagnoses are accurate and truly required. The dentist makes their diagnosis and records all findings in our secure proprietary software which is then relayed to the same dental hygienist that visited your home. 

The dental hygienist makes a recording of what the dentist found as well as suggested follow up and custom oral hygiene instructions. All x-rays and diagnosis will be sent to you by email. If any additional work was found to be needed then there will be an option included to schedule an office visit at one of our Dentacōr approved dental offices, or those X rays can be taken to your normal dental office for the work to be done. If there are any questions you can call your dental hygienist directly to answer any questions you have.

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